ASVEMC Board meeting agenda, Nanjing, May 22 at 5:00pm, 2017

Board meeting will be held on May 22 at 5:00pm (Monday)

The 5th international forum (May 22-26), registration will start from afternoon of Monday and three full days meeting (23,24,and 25), visiting Jiangsu CDC in the morning of May 26, whole meeting end at noon of May 26.

You are also invited to give a presentation about your research and operation at the 5th forum. Please send me your presentation titles for the meeting program schedule as soon as possible.


May 22 at 5:00pm, 2017


Proposed Agenda


1.       Meeting call order by President Prof. Qi-yong Liu

2.       Motion and approval of the minutes of Board meeting held in Chongqing, November 9, 2016 by Prof. Liu

3.       President and Executive Director reports

4.       Regional Director reports

5.       Update about 7th International Congress of SOVE and delegates from ASVEMC .. SOVE President

6.       Approval of updated ASVEMC’s BY-LAW

7.       Membership update … Dr. Xue

8.       Dr. Althbyani’s proposal discussion about creation of Assistant Director for regional director

9.       Announce new elected officer: Vice President… Dr. Zhao

10.   New officer installation by the President of the SOVE in the beginning of the 5thIFSCMMD on May 22

11.   Proposal for agenda items for next Board meeting, location, date …

12.   Meeting adjourn by President Prof. Liu