2017 ASVEMC’s Executive Board meeting minutes

The ASVEMC’s Executive Board meeting was held in Nanjing (Jiangsu Governmental Conference Center) on May 22 at 5:00pm (Monday) before the 5th international forum for surveillance and control of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.
Attendances: Dr. Qi-yong Liu, President, Dr. Gunter Muller, President-elect, Dr. Ming-Hao Zhou, Vice President, Dr. Tong-Yan Zhao, Past President, Dr. Rui-De Xue, Executive Director, Dr. Uli Bernier, Vice President of the SOVE, Dr. Dan Kline, Past President of the SOVE. Regional Directors: Dr. Err-Lieh Hsu, Dr. Hong-Liang Chu, Dr. Abu H. Ahmad. Dr. Hoonbok Yi. Also, Dr. Chun-Xiao Li and Dr. Jerry Hogestte attended the meeting.

Absent regional directors: Dr. Xiao-Peng Zeng, Dr. Li-Feng Lin, Dr. Theeraphap Charconviryyaphap, and Dr. H. Kawada


President Dr. Liu called meeting to order. welcome everybody to join the board meeting and asked for introducing each other. Dr. Liu asked any additional items for the agenda and Board approved the agenda.


President and executive director reported about the ASVEMC activity in 2016 and 2017 and preparation for the 3rd ASVEMC meeting before the 5th international forum for surveillance and control of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne disease.


Regional director reports: Dr. Hsu reported about dengue fever in Taiwan outbreak in 2015, 2016, but much less in 2017 and tries to figure out the reasons. There is a new center for mosquito control in Taiwan and run by government. Dr. Ahmad reported dengue fever in Malaysia situation and still is the big problem. Dr. Chu and Dr. Zhou reported about 1st imported Zika in Jiangsu. Dr. Yi reported no mosquito-borne diseases in Korea in 2016-2017.


Dr. Bernier gave an overview of the 7th international congress of the SOVE and 19 symposium and all congress information has been published in SOVE website. Please check the website if you are interested the meeting.


Dr. Muller motioned to approve the proposal to change regional director service term from 2 years to 3 years, Dr. Chu is the 2nd motion. After discussion and explain SOVE by-laws will be changed after members votes, the motion pass unanimously.


Dr. Xue reported the members from 48 down to 46 and asked for recruiting more members, especially student members.


Dr. Liu gave comments about Dr. Althbyani’s proposal to have regional assistant director. He thinks it is a good idea for the large area, other members consent, but did not have motion and vote. This items will be postponed to Dr. Althbyani’s present and give more information in the future meeting.


Dr. Zhao explained the officer election, there were two nominated scientists (Dr. Shan-Qing Wang and Chun-Xiao Li) who are interested to run the VP position. Dr. Shan-qing Wang withdraw his application for the Vice President election due to retirement plan in next year and can not serve to the Board for next several year. Dr. Chun-Xiao Li has been elected as the VP, Other Board members congratulated her for the election and welcome her on the board.


Dr. Xue proposed Dr. Liu, President will gave the awards to the winners at the 3rd ASVEMC meeting before the 5th IFSCMMD. The Board did not announce the names due to two board members on the list. This is the 1st time for the society to award the outstanding service and outstanding achievements.


Dr. Xue proposed that VP of the SOVE Dr. Bernier will install the new officers with the certificates at the 3rd meeting before the 5th IFSCMMD.


Dr. Liu announced next Board meeting will be held in Ningbo in October 23-27, 2018 and asked for any items for the board meeting agenda, please send it to Executive Director.


Dr. Liu called meeting adjourn at 6:05pm.


Minutes by Dr. Rui-De Xue, Executive Director of ASVEMC



The 3rd ASVEMC meeting minutes:


The 3rd ASVEMC meeting before the 5th International forum for Surveillance and Control of Mosquitoes and Mosquito-borne Diseases, Nanjing, China, May 23, 2017 at 8:00am-8:30am.

The Executive Director Dr. Rui-De Xue called for the meeting and gave several announcements. The President Dr. Qing-Yong Liu moderated the meeting. 1st item was Dr. Liu announced that this is the 1st time the ASVEMC gave several awards to members. The 1st award receiver was Dr. Sun Jun for his outstanding service award, and the outstanding achievement award receivers were Dr. Err-Lieh Hsu and Dr. Abu H. Ahmad.  Also, Dr. Gunter C. Muller has been nominated for SOVE’s outstanding achievement award to recognize his contribution in the biting fly behavioral ecology and innovation of attractive toxic sugar baits to control biting flies and Dr. Qi-Yong Liu for outstanding service award for SOVE to recognize his contribution to create and run the Asian Society of Vector Ecology and Mosquito Control and served as the 2nd President of the society.  


Dr. Liu introduced Dr. Uli Bernier, VP of the SOVE and Dr. Bernier installed the new officers and presented certificate to each presented board members.

After the officer installation, Dr. Liu introduced the new President Dr. Gunter C. Muller and passed the ASVEMC gavel to Dr. Muller and the meeting adjourned by Dr. Muller and Dr. Liu at 8:20am.

Minutes by Dr. Rui-De Xue, Coordinator


                        Proposed agenda                                                                  

        1.       Meeting call order by President Prof. Qi-yong Liu

2.       Motion and approval of the minutes of Board meeting held in Chongqing, November 9, 2016 by Prof. Liu

3.       President and Executive Director reports by Prof. Liu and Dr. Xue

4.       Regional Director reports

5.       Update about 7th International Congress of SOVE and delegates from ASVEMC .. SOVE Vice President, Dr. Bernier

6.       Approval of updated ASVEMC’s BY-LAW. Regional director service term from 2 years/term to 3 years per term.

7.       Membership update … Dr. Xue

8.       Dr. Althbyani’s proposal discussion about creation of Assistant Director for regional director

9.       Announce new elected officer: Vice President… Dr. Zhao

        10.  Awards presented by President Prof Liu in the beginning of the 5th IFSCMMD

10.   New officer installation by the President of the SOVE in the beginning of the 5th IFSCMMD on May 22 by Dr. Bernier

11.   Proposal for agenda items for next Board meeting, location, date …

12.   Meeting adjourn by President Prof. Liu



                                                                                                                The Minutes of the ASVEMC Board meeting


The Asian Society for Vector Ecology and Mosquito Control (ASVEMC)’s board meeting was held in Chongqing, China, November 9 at 1:00pm during the 6th International Forum for Sustainable Vector Management.


Attendance: President Professor Qing-yong Liu, Past President Dr. Tong-yan Zhao, Vice President Dr. Ming-Hao Zhou, Executive Director Dr. Rui-De Xue. Regional Directors: Dr. Hoonbok Yi (Korea), Dr. Abu Ahmad (Malaysia), Dr. Hong-Liang Chu. Professor Err-Lin Hsu did not attend the Board meeting due to time conflicting with moderating session during the meeting. Committee Chairs and members: Dr. Feng-xia Meng, Dr. Hai-Xia Wu, Dr. Yu-hong Guo.


1.     President Liu called meeting to order and welcome everybody and asked everyone introduced themselves.

2.     Dr.  Ahmad’s 1st motioned to accept the Board meeting minutes held in Guangzhou, May 24, 2015, second by Dr. Chu, no discussion, the motion passed by unanimously.

3.     President Liu and Dr. Xue reported SOVE Board meetings in Albuquerque, NM, September 2015 and Anchorage, September, 2016. No motion about this item.

4.     Dr. Yi, Dr. Ahmad, and Dr. Chu reported their regional vector-borne diseases and some activities involving vector ecology and control. No motion about this item.

5.     Dr. Xue reported SOVE Board decision about the 7th Congress of SOVE, Spain, October 1-7, 2017. ASVEMC’s proposal was denied and thanks and appreciated Dr. Liu, Dr. Zhou, Dr. Chu, and others’ efforts and proposal.

6.     Dr. Ahmad motioned to postpone Dr. Althbyani’s suggestion to create Assist Director for regional Director to next meeting and get his more explanation, Professor Liu was 2nd the motion. After discussion about necessary or not, the motion was passed by unanimously.

7.     Dr. Xue updated the membership and asked for recurring more members.

8.     Dr. Xue reported about the proposal of update SOVE BY-LAW for extension of regional director for 3 year service/ term and possible to update the ASVEMC’s  BY-Law. After Board approval, the regional Directors of the ASVEMC will serve for 2 more years.

9.     Past President Dr. Zhao discussed about new officer election for 2017 and would nominate Vice President candidates and all regional directors will serve for two more years based on the new by-law proposal.  The election will be voted by e-mail in March 2017 and the result will be announced in next Board meeting and SVEMC and 5th IFSCMMD meeting in Nanjing, May 21-26.

10.  Several members discussed and proposed different items for next board meeting agenda, such as increasing members, member benefits and promotion, newsletter and communication, websites. Majority was very appreciating Mr. Brian Liang for update the ASVEMC website at www.asiansvemc.org

11.  Dr. Zhou motioned the meeting adjourned, Dr. Zhao for 2nd. President Liu adjourned the meeting.


The minutes taken by Dr. Rui-De